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Luxg.g Ltd(英国陆雅)是华人许光女士于2013年在威尔士首府卡迪夫成立。其主要涉足中英贸易及中英文化艺术交流领域。自成立以来业务拓展范围不断扩大,目前已经为中国、英国、德国等多个国家提供了优质产品及相关文化艺术交流服务;其东方名家文化艺术交流中心已经汇聚了世界各地五十几位知名文艺人士。我们将以中英交流为基础,让有品质的产品及文化艺术分享给更多国际人士!


Luxg.g Ltd (British Lu Ya) is a Chinese lady Xu Guang was established in Welsh in 2013, the capital of cardiff. It is mainly involved in the Sino British trade in Chinese and English culture and art communication field. Since the establishment of the expanding scope of business expansion, now called for the Chinese, Britain, Germany and other countries to provide high-quality products and related arts and cultural exchange service; its eastern masters of Arts and culture exchange center has brought together the world famous literary people in their 50s. We will be in English and Chinese communication as the foundation, make share products and cultural and artistic quality to more international!